An Encouragement To Do Your Work

This came from Ken one of our artist managers at C.cada

Hello everyone,


Check out the website to see when our future meetings will be and what special projects are planned.  With the January meeting cancelled, a quarter of a year has already passed since our last art show.  With the busyness of the holidays, many of us have spent little to no time on new art projects.  Let me encourage each of you to plan to finish at least one project per quarter until the next art show.  This would give each of us at least 3 pieces to display.  That’s 90 days for each project, including 3 CCADA workshops for each month.  God gave us abilities in various degrees.  I’m thinking He wants each of us to utilize those talents to the best of our individual abilities.  Ask Him to show you how to make time to discover, develop, and deploythose talents.  When you bless Him with your best, He blesses your best and makes it better.  To help keep us on track, we have scheduled a “show and tell” for our meetings in April and July—where we will share whatever work we have done up until that point with the other members of CCADA.  Remember that this could include any artwork, photography, writing, or music.  Let’s encourage each other by creating and sharing our ideas and efforts.

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