In Other Words: Knowing My Place

In Other Words

I am writing another bit here at “In Other Words” from this week’s awesome quote from Patricia

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth.
We are all crew.”
Marshall McLuhan

~~~Spaceship Earth~~~

Please check out Patricia’s place HERE and after you have read a bit consider adding your own two cents into the mix.

Here is my piece entitled:

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by JE Lillie

When I awoke here I couldn’t move. My arms and legs were like lead weights in the ship’s heavy gravity. After months floating in the juice I had all I could do to breathe and eat never mind move.

Everything about the ship was different and scary. Gravity, light, breathing air instead of liquid and the complex language of the crew. I spent months orienting myself to the point where I could walk, feed myself again and understand what was going on.

The Captain assigned me two guides to help me train for my position on the crew. I count that fortunate. Some of my fellow newbies only got one guide assignment. Theirs was the greater learning curve. Even so guides are just that, guides. Though they start telling you everything like: when to eat, when to sleep, when to get up, by the time it comes to the really big questions like how to live out your purpose on the ship and what your position is on the ship, they can only really make suggestions.

One of my guides manages one of the ship’s many commissaries. He started training me for the work. At first I thought it would be easy. What I found out is that feeding the ship’s hungry is no small task and managing and organizing supplies is a bigger job than I am skilled for.

My other guide is a healer. She is a no nonsense woman who could push dead people back to health given the time and proper equipment. I can’t put bandages on right.

While I am not skilled in either of their professions what I have learned from them in my time aboard ship is that guidance is not so much about similarity with another person as it is about sympathy for another person. In that I have found my purpose. Soon I am to be commissioned as a ship’s counsellor.

This is a link to another great story from Josie Twoshoes

3 thoughts on “In Other Words: Knowing My Place

  1. What a beautiful story of our lives/missions here on Earth! There was a great deal of wisdom in this piece, and I think that becoming a counsellor to fellow travelers on this journey was obviously a very good direction to take!

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