Turn:Writing Prompt #15

This week THE SECRET KEEPER  has given us five words to launch our poetry from. Those words are: | GHOST| ROUGH | DUST | STRANGE | TURN |.

I have chosen to use the “28”form for this work .



by JE Lillie

Rough ghosts of the past silence

Voices that would draw me on.

Strange that I  should listen to

Dust rather than turn and change.

5 thoughts on “Turn:Writing Prompt #15

  1. Change is more difficult than listening to the voices of the part. Your poem is well executed. Inspired with insight worth taking in and pondering. Your use of the 5 words were spot on. Your image drew me into it. A very enticing piece. The connection between poem and visual have been joined. I love your use of the’28’ form. It guides you through it. I have only tried the 4 line with 7 syllables. Next is to challenge the 7 lines with 4 syllables. A thanks Jael Aster for creating the ’28’ form. Hope to see you again. Great work on this group of words. Next time, I wonder just what they will be. – jk

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