Artist’s Soul

Our church administrator, Charlotte Dorais, is retiring at the end of the year. Today we are honoring her  at our staff Christmas party. Charlotte has served in just about every ministry I have had oversight of through the years I have known her. Her love for Jesus has called her to take up posts outside her comfort zone many times. I just know that love for her God is going to lead her on to even greater adventures now.

She was one of my adult champions when I led the youth ministry (we called ourselves “the Beyonders”). She has worked as a shut-in visitor for the Compassion Ministry and as an artist manager for C.cada. She has been an untiring intercessor and a woman always willing to lend a hand in practical ministry. She is an incredible artist as well as an able administrator. Above all she is a committed friend.

Thank you Charlotte for your love for God and his church. I have written this two stanza Cinquain in your honor. It is entitled

Artist’s Soul

by JE Lillie


Soul, disciplined

By the brush of prayer.

Colors careful mixed until God

Brings forth


Strength, directed

Unafraid of future

Steps into the blank canvas called

His plan.

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