Friday Fictioneers: Leaving the Slow Lane

It’s time for another episode of Friday Fictioneers. Our hostess Rochelle is celebrating three years of fictioneering. To join in the celebration pop on over to her site by clicking HERE

Here is the weekly photo prompt and my story


Photo Prompt by Ron Pruitt

Leaving the Slow Lane

by JE Lillie

The bus had stopped just outside her bowling alley for years. Jessica had never minded. It seemed almost like free advertising. After all few things drew a crowd in Jefferson like the bus out-of-town.

Today was different though. She stood at the glass door and cursed the bus outside. She cursed the big man in the brown Stetson.

He was going to make his fortune, he said.

He was leaving her behind is what he meant.

He turned one last time to wave good-bye. He blew her a kiss. She caught it and nestled it to her heart. The tears fell and she turned away.

14 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Leaving the Slow Lane

  1. I don’t think she should follow. If she has dreams of her own, maybe she finds the strength to follow them now. I hope she gets over him soon. Good story, very blue, great atmosphere.

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