Hats a Go-Go Or Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

This week, Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is all about those items which keep the heat from escaping from our heads or the sun from burning it. See HATS A GO-GO HERE AT CEE’S SITE.

My fun with hats is outlined below…

The hat must fit the expression.

The hat must fit the expression.

100_3826 or the occasion.

Christmas hatr 5 For instance this hat should never be warn before Dec. 12th or after Dec. 25th.

Ireland 007 Ths hat, however, is entirely appropriate for airport wear any time of the year. IF YOU’RE A TELETUBBY!

100_3026 It is also important when choosing a hat to consider the proper accesories.

baby …And when one should not accessorise at all. This “granny belt” was one of my poor choices.

Christmas hats 1The right hat can communicate for us those things we wish others to know but could never say.

wpid-20150713_122114.jpgFor instance, this hat says, “I really hate my job.”

wpid-20150713_134439.jpg This one says, “I think we should have chosen a different place to eat.”

100_4901This hat says, “I may be fat but I am cool.”

Birthday!And this hat says… Yeah I got nothin. 🙂

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