Friday Fictioneers: Kicking the Dust Off

PHOTO PROMPT © The Reclining Gentleman

I haven’t participated in F.F. for several weeks/months. Ministry had kept me busy. But I am jumping back in this week to tell a story in 100 words from the photo prompt above. If you would like to participate in Friday Fictioneers or if you would like to read other takes on the prompt click on the underlined link and it will take you to the F.F. home page.

Kicking the Dust Off

by JE Lillie

Sam eyed the cars behind him as he slowed down at the edge of the bridge. He half-expected them to slow down and park too. None did. The traffic continued on oblivious to the man with the cardboard box.

“It should be different,” he thought. There should be a funeral, a luncheon; But Bridget had no friends. She had lost Sam all his.

She got cancer.

He stuck by her.

Her dying words… “You’re worthless!”

Sam put the cardboard box down on the edge of the bridge.

He kicked.

She was gone.

Sam Cried.

“It should be different,” He thought.

22 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Kicking the Dust Off

  1. Bridget sounds like she might have been a piece of work. I loved the gentle diversion from what appeared to be grief into ‘goood riddance’. Skilfully executed. And welcome back!

  2. Dear Pastor J,

    I’d say there’s a reason Bridget had no friends. Fitting memorial service I’d say. Maybe he can get on with life now. Welcome back with your well crafted story.



    • They never should have married. He was a disappointment to her from the day they met. She always hoped to change him but at the end she realized it was she who should have changed and he failed to accomplish that. Bridget was always one to blame others for her shortcomings.

  3. Good piece but its left me with many questions. None of which need to be answered. Did he kill her or did she die from the cancer? If he killed her was it a mercy killing or murder? Did he love her despite her nastiness? Was the cardboard box her coffin because that was all they could afford? As I said none make the slightest bit of difference to an already good story.

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