The Law In the Grace Pt. 7

Restoring Connection

Restoring Connection

Today we conclude our discussion on the authority of the Bible. If you have missed any part of the discussion it can be found in segments in the links below

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It all comes down to this; The way we view the Word of God, the Bible, is going to affect our understanding of good and of God. If the way we view the Bible is incorrect then our understanding of God and good will be incorrect. The church today is teetering on the brink of a lot of wrong choices simply because she has forsaken a high view of Scripture.

Some, in the church, choose to believe that not everything in the Bible is God’s Word. They believe they can pick and choose what they like from the Bible and discard the rest. They end up with a sweet sounding watered down faith that has no power.

Others have chosen to believe that they can mix the Bible with other religions and come out with a better religion than any the Earth has ever seen. That is the religion of antichrist and it is the lamplit path to Hell.

Still others have accepted the Bible as the Word of God but they believe that only parts of it are for today because they believe God’s grace has delivered us from the rules of the Bible so we don’t have to obey them. Those people are making shipwreck of their faith and are making a mockery of grace before the eyes of unbelievers.

 Finally, there are many in the church who believe every word written in the Bible but they don’t actually know those words because they have let the Devil busy them right out of Bible study. Their lives in the days to come will be ineffective, not because their belief was wrong but simply because they didn’t make it important in their day-to-day life.

Today the church is in need of great repentance not FROM something but TO something. If you are not already there God is asking you to repent TOWARD a high view of Scripture again.

Maybe one of the attitudes we discussed over the last several days has grabbed hold of you, slipped in unawares. Maybe as you have read my words you have realized you need to get rid of that attitude. In order to get rid of an attitude you have to replace it with something better. If you need to take a higher view of Scripture this morning. If you need to make Scripture, the Bible, more important in your day-to-day living would you pray with me now?


Lord I am coming to you today. And I am rededicating myself to you and I am rededicating my attention to your Word, the Bible. From now on Lord I give this Word place in my life as the only infallible authoritative word for my faith and doctrine. If you say it in your Bible God I believe it and that settles it from now on. Amen.

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