C.cada & Granny Applegate

Our artist’s group met a few weeks ago. This month our group project was to create works of flash fiction based around photo prompts. I have already published Deb Maciorowski’s offering here…


Here is Charlotte Dorais’ offering based on the photo prompt below

Granny Applegate

By Charlotte Dorais

The smile belies my true feelings. My character choice, spider-man was not an option so I became Granny Applegate’s baby. Being the butt of the joke was not new to me. I’ve never met a nerd who wasn’t thick skinned. This dream of a children’s theater was coming to fruition at last and Monica was great at seeing your true character.

Dress rehearsal was chaotic; the mixture of adult and child actors tends to be that way. Most of us were experienced and had practiced our lines and music, remembered our blocking and felt we were ready for the show. Jimmy and Sally were 7 year-old talented, yet inexperienced actors who were my partners in these skits. Tripping me seemed to be their goal in life. I wondered why Monica hadn’t stopped the rehearsal, and quickly realized she found humor in their antics and encouraged them to continue.

I had a choice, I could rebel and refuse to be the klutz they were making me, or grow and allow my character to become the laughable old lady who had no balance.

Granny Applegate stole the show.

If you would like to stop by one of our artist’s gatherings just shoot me a response here on Lillie-Put or you can check out our artists website at


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