Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

This week the Daily Post has asked us to display: SERENITY

Discover other serene spots at


Here are mine along with a poem I love from Emerson

The Apology

Think me not unkind and rude
That I walk alone in grove and glen;
I go to the god of the wood
To fetch his word to men.


Tax not my sloth that I
Fold my arms beside the brook;
Each cloud that floated in the sky
Writes a letter in my book.

Kylemore Abbey

Kylemore Abbey

Chide me not, laborious band,
For the idle flowers I brought;
Every aster in my hand
Goes home loaded with a thought.


There was never mystery
But ’tis figured in the flowers;
Was never secret history
But birds tell it in the bowers.
One harvest from thy field
Homeward brought the oxen strong;

A second crop thine acres yield,
Which I gather in a song.- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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