2 thoughts on “The Central Avenue

  1. I actually hope your second quote is incorrect. In my day to day life, working with broken kids, I see the hand of God moving in ways and places I did not expect or pray for. If it is only about us, and our efforts, then, well the North American church is screwed, because we are largely prayerless.
    There may well be a direct connection between the decline of our society and the decline in prayer, but I have to believe that God is bigger than our efforts. The bible says Jesus intercedes for us before the father, and in that light your quote may be correct

    • Interesting thoughts. I do believe Jesus does pray for us and that His Spirit has a role in guiding our prayers with groaings too deep for understanding. At the same time I do believe that it is incumbent on the church to pray. Healing our land will not happen unless God’s people pray at least that seems to be the if…then intention of IIChron. 7:14 Today I believe the church is largely powerless for this very reason.

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