The Change I’d Like To Make

The Daily post has asked us today…What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

Almost a decade ago I wrote my life mission statement. That was to create around myself a culture of worship. The method I felt led to use was the arts. To that end I have tried several things, my blogs Reinventing the We’ll and Lillie-Put being two of those chosen methods.

I would like to see the readers of Lillie-Put encouraged ina positive direction and challenged toward knowing and worshipping God as a result of what I write. Many of my blogs are not directly related to the ideas of worship but are artistic in form and relational in nature. Blogging is a connective art form and I hope in some small way through those connections to draw people into the joyful and loving presence of a living God.

Be blessed!


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