Springtime With C.cada

C.cada is our church’s artist collaborative. Our mission is

to give artists from every genre an opportunity to come together to discover, develop, and deploy their talents in ways that will better the church and the community.

About a year ago we realized we needed God’s plan to begin to widen our influence from the church to the community. We prayed.

It is a wondrously dangerous thing to ask God for things like that. In response God has given us a plan and projects to go along with it.

In September I was invited to join a committee called the Robinson Broadhurst Winchendon Enhancement Committee. Our directive was to come up with a project that would benefit the whole town. What we ended up with was a plan to acquire a 43 acre piece of waterfront property in the center of town and to build a town Makerspace.

C.cada has been asked to supply mentors for the Makerspace project and to begin Makerspace programs in advance of the acquisition that will be eventually be housed on the property. How is that for widening influence?



One of our local hospitals has invited a group of our artists to come and paint their pediatric play room ( a makerspace project). These pictures are promotional mock-ups done by one of our artists for the play room project.


We were also welcomed to host a 250th anniversary art show in town On June 14th which is Charter Day for Winchendon (another makerspace project). So far response seems  good. We have two musical groups coming and my goal is to hang 100 pieces out doors.




Meanwhile two of our writers are working on pieces for a contest with Rose Hall Media.


What I am discovering is that God has no shortage of things for us to do to help in the building of His kingdom. If we will just seek Him for the opportunities they will come in His time in His way.

What is God leading you into just now?


4 thoughts on “Springtime With C.cada

  1. I love that God is showing is glory through C.cada! I can’t wait to see the pediatric play room after it is completed. Participating in C.cada monthly is such a blessing to me thank you, Pastor J for founding C.cada!

  2. C.cada is such a great idea! It’s important to develop and grow our talents, in order to make them as useful as they can be. I think giving time and paying attention to improving our skill and knowledge is one aspect of stewardship (I’m thinking of the parable of the talents).

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