C.cada: March Still-Life Pt. 1

March still life

March still life

Yesterday I mentioned that I had encouraged C.cada’s artists to get their creative juices flowing by writing some poetry, using the Tanka rhythm,  and inspired by our monthly still-life. Here are some of the responses I got.

Sue Jannsens

Sue Jannsens

I have seen the light.

I have journied on life’s fight.

You are always there.

There is noone to compare.

Stay and sing within my soul.

-Sue Janssens

Ken Knowlton

Ken Knowlton

Juggling Act

Herein lies the task…

Too many to be contained…

A reflection of…

My inner life and our times…

Working to keep all aloft.

-Ken Knowlton

March Still Life: By Wendy Brouillet

March Still Life: By Wendy Brouillet

Wendy Brouillet

Wendy Brouillet

Kicking, laughing, having fun

Throwing, falling, ouch!

Sweaty, dirty, getting hit

Playing free with abandon.

-Wendy Brouillet

Let me challenge you to write your own piece inspired by our March Still-life. You can use any  poetic form you want. Just have fun.

-Title Your post C.cada March Still- life. You can use the photo of the still- life in your post if you would like and then link back to “Lillie-Put” for our readers to view.

8 thoughts on “C.cada: March Still-Life Pt. 1

  1. Here’s mine!
    worn sun faded treasurers escape the container,
    hard used globes share memories of times gone but not forgotten,
    sweat and laughter join to celebrate wins and losses,
    related by use and function stories remain untold.
    age barriers evaporated by tales of victories accomplished,
    fellowship shared, anger dissipated, love enriched, friendships formed.
    caught in stillness waiting for the next opportunity to rise to the challenge.
    Thanks Pastor J for the challenge.

  2. Such few words to speak volumes to us. Love the Tankas and Wendy’s sketch. I definitely liked the Tanka exercise at C.cada. I’m so glad you are sharing the Tankas of the other artists it is always nice to see the eyes of others. Thanks, Pastor J for starting C.cada. Many blessings to you!

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