Pastor Wrinkles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 16


My meditation today is the same as yesterday:

 What do you want God to help you learn in life?

Again this question comes from :

Yesterday I mentioned that one of the things I needed God to teach me was how to be celebratory in life and ministry.  This fast was birthed out of the Vision Quest/ Fast I took at the beginning of the year. The Lord showed me early on that If I was going to fulfill the visions He gave me during that 21 day period then I was going to require some healing change through this season of Lent.

Growing up we didn’t really celebrate much of anything. Birthdays ended when we reached the double digits (and I mean ended… age was barely acknowledged after 10). I didn’t even know what day my parents were married until I was almost twenty. I was unaware people anywhere celebrated things like anniversaries.  Christmas was an obligatory holiday observed with some malice. I can remember my sister and I would open our stockings alone and then watch television until Mom and Dad got up. As I grew I understood it was because Mom worked the holiday shift 11-7. It was logical that she would want to catch a few hours of shut-eye. It was also one of two days a year my dad took off from work.  Sleeping in made sense from an adult perspective.

I am realizing, though, that these events gave rise to a particular mindset that work is important and celebration is not only unimportant, it is frivolous. That is a stronghold  inside of me and over the last week I have felt God breaking down its doors. Celebration is not frivolous. It is a necessary part of the balanced Christian life. Richard Foster goes so far as to list it as one of the classic Christian disciplines.

I am beginning to see that my inability to celebrate will hold back the God vision for ministry and life. Reaching goals is about milestones and people need to celebrate milestones to stay motivated. I need to learn to celebrate the milestones so I can stay motivated. It is in celebration that we are affirmed. It is in celebration that we give thanks to the Lord for the miracles along the road.

This change must be intentional. God is showing me that I must schedule celebration just like I schedule work and rest and it must have a purpose.

Here’s a question for you: Do you think there is a difference  between celebration and entertainment? If so what is that difference?


6 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 16

  1. I definitely think there is a difference between celebration and entertainment. I think celebration starts within the heart and entertainment can only hope to coax your heart to join in. I also think that entertainment can spark a celebration within the heart but they are not the same to me. Praising God for all the inner healing you are experiencing. Many blessings to you, Pastor J as you travel this journey.

  2. God bless you as He leads you to celebrate! Pastor J, to me .. .I think entertainment can be more selfish, but we can celebrate others as well as things in our lives. Even when we do celebrate our stuff, we can include others. Entertainment sounds like is has expectations and demands . .example .. . I need to be entertained.

  3. I am not knocking entertainment for I think entertainment and leisure have an important place in our lives, but I think entertainment is mainly about satisfying self and maybe satisfying others too, but is selfish at its core.
    Celebration is usually acknowledging the worth of someone. e.g. If we celebrate someone’s birthday, the focus should be on that person: on thanking them for being who they are and actively appreciating them.

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