Pastor Wrinkles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 15


My meditational question for the day is: What do you want God to help you learn in life?

Again this question comes from :

There are lots of things I would like to learn, but we are not talking about foreign languages and how to fix plane engines here. Flights of fancy are strictly off  the menu and the Lord didn’t point this question at me so I could figure out what major I want to be in college. Maybe the question is, “What do I need to learn in life that God alone can teach?”

God has been burdening me with two deep requests these last few days and they boil down to: being proactive and being celebratory.

 My lead pastor has a favorite saying that I have tried to embody over the decade I have worked with him. That is, “Respond. Don’t react.”

Over time I have become pretty good at this but I think God wants to take this to a new level for me. I believe He is saying “Learn to respond before you need to react.”

To be proactive is to anticipate what is coming and to be ready for it. I know we can’t see every detail of the road ahead but I feel like God is changing me to make me prepare for needs that have yet to be  stated. I think the church has to begin to plan for the needs of the future by faith and as a pastor in the universal body of Christ I have to begin modelling this behavior for the body. I believe this preparation needs to be realized in several areas:

1. In Spiritual health.

2.  In caring for the possessions God has given us

3. In setting aside a surplus so that we can give it away to others in need.

I will talk about the need to celebrate tomorrow but for now let me ask you a question… Has God been saying anything similar to any of you?

4 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 15

  1. Where were you 40 years ago? I wish I’d had these questions thrown at me then. They would have been more applicable earlier in my life. Now, that isn’t an excuse, for I know they are still applicable today and Holy Spirit’s prompting proves it. He is still changing me (thankfully) but He still has a long way to go. I must be open to more change.

    • Sorry. Forty years ago I was sitting in Mrs. Golding’s class learning the Star Spangled Banner. Also there was no internet so I would have been entirely unhelpful at that point I am afraid. 🙂 Still God is never late with what HE teaches us.

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