Pastor Wrinkles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 12


Every year our lead pastor takes a winter vacation to Canada to visit with his family. Usually  he leaves the day after Christmas and is gone through the New Year. I am usually left to fill the pulpit and make important decisions like if church needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather.  It always and I mean every year snows on the first Sunday of January. I have seldom cancelled preferring to meet with a few of the brothers and sisters for edification rather than miss out all together.

This year Pastor Risto did not leave after Christmas. He waited until this week the last in February to get outa Dodge.

Guess what?

No snow on the first Sunday of January.

Guess what else? …You got it right!

We had a weird snow storm this morning that decimated almost two-thirds of our church population today!  So even though the winter vacation was off by about a month and a half I felt right at home with a number of seats empty and a frosty white blanket covering the out-of-doors.

I find God a humorous teacher. He used this event to remind me in a sort of tongue-in-cheek manner that He is not reliant on large crowds or kicking programs to get His plan accomplished. We had church. The kids joined us since our Kids Church teacher couldn’t make it in. A baby cried in the back. I think the nursery staff was snowed in as well.

But God met us as He always does. People wept at the altar at the end of service and His presence was sweet with healing. He is the point and I am learning He is not only the point…He is the only point! We are but vessels for Him to ride upon the wind, ships in which he sails upon the flood and oh what a privilege that is.

What points of your life are being swallowed up by Jesus today?

11 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 12

  1. It is truly amazing that no matter how show up for service He always meets us right where we are to comfort, heal, and deliver us. It was so nice to have Him tarry with us both this morning and at Fresh Fire service tonight. Thank you, God for loving your people!

  2. Hi Pastor J!

    I almost laughed out loud when I read your piece 🙂 You will see why tomorrow. May God give you peace as you take on what He calls you do do!

    “We are but vessels for Him to ride upon the wind, ships in which he sails upon the flood and oh what a privilege that is.”
    I like this 🙂
    So thankful that He finds something in me He can use!


  3. Ok, this made me laugh! Whenever there is a snow storm or some weather event, I am always scheduled to preach also. I had to preach two weeks ago (it was probably the same snow event – totally unexpected)…I told my Lead pastor that he is never allowed to vacation in the winter!!! and we still had church also… 🙂

  4. Thankfully, God is not restricted to a Church building. HE is the only point, but thankfully He meets us where we are.

    I think the last Sunday in January was the ONLY time Church has been cancelled (I think by all the Churches in Bundaberg except the Roman Catholic) because of our record-breaking flood, when 7000 people were evacuated and 3000 houses and 400 businesses were under water.

    The Church people went out to help people to evacuate and help those in evacuation centres, showing the love of God in a real way.

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