Lillie’s Journey With the Remember Man Pt. 1

Me writing

Me writing

So… the novel is entitled The Remember Man.   I finished the first draft a little over a year ago and have spent the last year rewriting and shaking in my boots about the next step in the process.

Last week on my way to Idaho I bought and read Catherine Ann Howard’s book,  Self-Printed: The Sane Person’s Guide To Self Publishing.  In her own witty way Catherine Caffeinated (the title of her blog) took my fear of the process away. She gave me several steps I had never really thought of taking. She gave me clear reasons for not skipping these steps and she took the scary out of them for me.

If you are considering self-publishing or “self-printing” as Catherine puts it pick up a copy of  Self-Printed by going to her website here:

It’s an easy read and well worth the time.

I realized as I read Catherine’s book that I was missing the first step in my publishing journey and that is to submit my manuscript to agents and publishers. So I dug out my query letters, polished them up and sent out my first query for The Remember Man  to an agency.

Keep the dream alive. Keep it in prayer!


20 thoughts on “Lillie’s Journey With the Remember Man Pt. 1

  1. Good afternoon Joseph I pray all is well with you and yours. Thanks for the comment and yes you may reblog my post I posted for today.

  2. That’s awesome, Pastor J!!!! I’m still in the very beginning stages of my novel… I think that maybe my fear lies in even just the baby steps of a novel — the taking the time to actually write it! But I’m trying to step past that this year and just WRITE! It’s what I’m supposed to do… 🙂 I’ll be keeping your novel in my prayers! I am SO excited that you’re at this stage of the writing process, and I cannot wait to see where God takes you!

    • It took me much longer to complete this first novel than it should have because I was afraid of the time commitment. I felt guilty about the alone time. May I offer C.cada to you as a full day of writing each month? I can set aside a room for you anytime Nicole. The next one is March 16th.

  3. Praying now for you Pastor! I am interested in self publishing so I will definitely read the book. Thanks for sharing. My books are still in my dreams but my blogs are a way of writing our books one day at a time. Blessings and prayers!

  4. The Christian life is an adventure and your adventure is taking a new twist as you submit your hard work . . . I’ll be praying because I am sure of two things – the book will be wholesome and Christ-honouring and it was written as you were enabled by our amazing God.

    • Why thank you Angela. I am learning that the submission is my next step of faith. It sense it will probably not be my last. I think I have just opened the door to another journey of many miles. I am excited by this.

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