Pastor Wrinkles; The Lenten Journey Pt. 2



I know I am only a day into this journey but I am already beginning to draw comparisons with my last spiritual quest. The 21 day spiritual journey was all about visioning and faith. This Lenten journey seems to be all about grace and inner healing…restoring the heart.

Yesterday God gave me the word “grace”. Today he gave me my reading for the forty days, The Sacred Romance Drawing Closer To the Heart Of God, by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge.

In my reading today I found this quote by A.W. Tozer “Thirsty hearts are those whose longings have been wakened by the touch of God within them.”

I am thirsty. I am longing. Yet there are things which hold me back from the edge of God’s river. I know it sounds crazy… a minister saying something like that, but as I have spent the last month praying over many of my dreams, goals and visions I am realizing that while I want those things I am also afraid of some of those things because the attainment of the dreams will redefine me. I have realized I have to change in order for some of those dreams to come to pass and some of the change means letting God heal and reorient  my heart. I won’t be the same me when the dreams come to pass. Maybe that is a good thing, but it’s still a scary thing!

Question of the day: How do you think you will change when your God dream comes to pass? Is that scary?

10 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles; The Lenten Journey Pt. 2

  1. That my brother is a big and scary question for sure. It is so big I dare not speak about it yet…..but I am talking to the Lord about it, and we are working it out. When even a piece of my God dream became a reality I found myself living half way across the world from all I know and love so yeah….it can be scary…..but it is SOOOOO GOOD! Looking forward to seeing the next things comes to pass.

    • This is true sister! As I look back over the last few years at the changes that have come there have been times I thought I couldn’t change in the way God seemed to be leading and yet He has undertaken. Even with all that I have changed God is still seeking more. I am going to be all bent out of shape by the time He’s done with me. And that I think is a good if slightly frightening thing.

  2. Pastor J, I actually have been thinking about this very issue. I have been wondering how our lives will be so different. If Tom’s healing came right now. It is definitely scary to think that your son might not need you as much.

    • It is true. The miracles when they come will be wonderful but they will require a willingness to change how we deal with life when they come. Sometimes we get so used to living with our challenges they come to define us and then what are we if the challenges are fixed.

  3. I’ve been thinking about physical healing, too, in that regard. Who would I be if I could do anything? And how long would it take me to get used to life different from the past 17 years?

  4. Fear and faith are opposites, so I think the word you use (scary) is so much more appropriate. We have faith and exercise faith, knowing that our amazing God only wants the very VERY best for us and that He WILL undertake for us and bring us through to the centre of His will for us . . . but we are a bit ‘scary’ (though not afraid or fearful).

    We can look back and see how much He has changed us over the years and we are soooooooooo thankful for every one of the changes He has made. Therefore, we can confidently go forward, knowing that more changes will also be for our good, and that in a short time we will be thanking Him for those too.

    Looking unto Jesus . . .

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