The Call Prayer Meeting: Psalm Chapter 4

This week we are calling our weekly prayer meeting THE CALL. This prayer meeting changes its name on a weekly basis. This week in honor of Psalm 4 we have called it “THE CALL” as a reminder of Psalm 4:1

Answer me when I call to you,
    my righteous God.

Pastor Dan’s Final Night At the Wall

I am running a bit behind with my posting today. It has been a busy week with many distractions. Distractions are not good for me on the whole, but sometimes they cannot be avoided.

Anyway last night was Pastor Dan’s final night with us at The Wall Prayer meeting. He will preach his final sermon at Cornerstone on Sunday and then Amanda, Brenda and I will take the LEwiston’s out for a final dinner and they will be off to their new posting in Tennessee.

Here is the video of our final night together at The Wall. Next week I shall carry on with the teaching regarding the letters from Revelation 2 and 3.