The Romans 12 Cycle: Teacher


In the lavender

By the lake I write the

Stories. Very few will ever read. Too busy

With the summer sun to learn.


Autumn annotates

The footnotes of falling leaves.

The mountains are my 

Tablet. I write with the ink

Bottled in the midnight skies.wp-image-249808474jpg.jpg

I sip hot coffee

By the fire, a book in hand.

I thread the needle

With my  tinder thoughts in the

Winter land’s cold hard facts.


Speak forth the gentle

Green of reason threaded through

The broken mirrors.

Pieces make sense reflected in

Reality’s tapestry.


I am not the year

Nor a season, month or day.

I am but minutes

Unmasking the threads

To the finished work, God’s hand



The Romans 12 Cycle: Servant

I stir lemonade,

Sigh and wipe my weary brow.

I wax thankful then

As summer solicits for

The seasons’ warrant.

Rake the leaves. I’ll burn

This body to dust, if that

Is what it takes. I’ll

Do it gladly. My heart is

Woven in the mountain skies.

I am winter’s snow.

You will find me in the work.

No matter how dark it

Gets, I will be the finger

Which pulls the thread no one sees.

In Secret Spring’s green

I snip the weak threads. I break

The mirror. I sweep 

The pieces into place. Glimpse

Reality’s tapestry.

I am not the year

Nor a season, month or day.

I am but minutes

Who work the threads leading

To the finished work, God’s hand.

The Romans 12 Cycle: Prophet


A hot summer day,

Once again I read someone

Else’s mail. Sipping

Lemonade as I crochet

Edges of reality.


The leaves fall. As I

Count the dry bones, I breathe forth

The silence of death

Woven from mountains and skies

Which hem in the Beloved.


My breath twines with snow

Yet to come. They rebuke me

For seeing the dark,

But what choice was I given?

The winter is my needle.


Spring’s my thread of green.

New like the shards of broken

Mirrors. Pieces placed

Like manifold wisdom, glimpse

Reality’s tapestry


I am not the year

Nor a season, month or day.

I am but minutes

Who count the threads leading

To the finished work, God’s hand.

That Last Beautiful Day


My Daddy sings over me

At Midnight,

A Lullabye

Of that last beautiful day,

To calm my quaking 

At the coming of Samhain

“When leaves

Fall like snow,

Dawdle of Autumn,

Come too late

To sip the dynamite

Of a summer day.

Daughters of Destiny

And Sons of the Way

Lip sync

The song of the Equinox

With lips lusting for

The laryngitis

Of that solstice

Where silence settles the lagging light

Laid in the lap of love.

Listen for the lyric

That links the winter’s night

With the Fire Children

Born of Light and

More than a night of passion,

But three days of sorrowful celebration

Bringing life longer

At the back than at the front

Singing, ‘Dive further in and deeper back.’

The longitude of faith

Makes the loop

Around the globe

In dulcet tones

Until all have heard

In equidistance.

So Then

That last beautiful day

Is still to come.”