That Last Beautiful Day


My Daddy sings over me

At Midnight,

A Lullabye

Of that last beautiful day,

To calm my quaking 

At the coming of Samhain

“When leaves

Fall like snow,

Dawdle of Autumn,

Come too late

To sip the dynamite

Of a summer day.

Daughters of Destiny

And Sons of the Way

Lip sync

The song of the Equinox

With lips lusting for

The laryngitis

Of that solstice

Where silence settles the lagging light

Laid in the lap of love.

Listen for the lyric

That links the winter’s night

With the Fire Children

Born of Light and

More than a night of passion,

But three days of sorrowful celebration

Bringing life longer

At the back than at the front

Singing, ‘Dive further in and deeper back.’

The longitude of faith

Makes the loop

Around the globe

In dulcet tones

Until all have heard

In equidistance.

So Then

That last beautiful day

Is still to come.”

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