4 thoughts on “DECISION FATIGUE

  1. 1. Plan your week each week before the week begins.
    2. Say “NO” to those things that are good but not the best for the mission God has given to you.
    3. Don’t allow others’ “emergencies” to become your own.
    It took them “10 years” to get into this situation. They aren’t going to solve it in an hour.

    • These are such good principles Paul. I do plan the week in advance. Saying “NO” is something I still struggle with but am getting better at. I think this is about being able to handle the life I cannot say “NO” too. It is an internal struggle and dealing with the emotions that come with this territory to which God has called me.

      • I agree. There are people in my congregation who are helping me learn to delegate. I am not very good at it yet. I did pretty well yesterday though with my board of directors. I intentionally set the meeting in a way that helped them to help me make a very large decision. The weight was much lighter.

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