2 thoughts on “Monday Digging Deeper: It’s a Longer Journey Than We Might Think

  1. I never thought in terms of witnessing that war in heaven – never connected the dots and put our presence in heaven alongside the fact that the angels will be warring while we are there. Wow! What a thought!

    As far as the adventure and what God is showing me, I’ll have to formulate my thoughts and get back to you – I have been having so many new experiences in the past few months, so many encounters and revelations about my past and how it has shaped my present understanding of things, it is hard to sort them all out.

    Thanks Pastor J. I enjoyed your message.

    • Some of these meditations are newer to me as well Drusilla. I am not dogmatic about any of them I just find them raising questions about the days ahead for which I am eager to discover the answers. I look forward to hearing about all God I showing you.

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