2 thoughts on “Tuesday Digging Deeper: Tearing Down Strongholds

  1. I love your statement that we have to go into battle knowing what a victory looks like. It takes the focus from us – wanting to win the argument – to letting God work through the weapons He’s given us – these weapons that have divine power! Divine power!!
    In verse 5 the NLT says “ these weapons can break down every proud argument and every wall that can be built to keep men from finding Him.” Every one!
    They are true.
    They have divine power!
    Hmm. He’s still using those weapons to continue to knock down every proud argument and wall in my life. Double edge sword

    Thanks again PJ

    • He is using those same weapons in my life Wendy. It is so important when we enter battle with the enemy of our souls that we understand what the objective of that battle is. If we don;t we risk losing control to our emotional selves and ending up with an outcome that is far beneath God’s intended best for our lives and the lives of those we are fighting for.

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