2021 At the Vicarage Week # 15

I am having some frustrations with these weekly posts. I have been trying to post little blurbs daily (that works better some weeks than others), but if I am not careful about the posting time, the blog posts to the day I started it rather than the day I actually posted it. This causes the post to get buried at the back of my feed so no one sees it. Apparently that is what happened last week.


Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

Well we won’t have that problem this week as this has been one of those weeks when I failed to post everyday. So today is the day I do all the catching up of what each day held for life at the Vicarage.

April 9th- Day off and housework day! I got laundry done, folded and some more hung up. HJave I mentioned that we don’t have a dryer at The Vicarage? I got rooms swept and stairs swept and some yard work done. Then the evening was given to sermon practice because Saturday is going to be busy!

April 10th– The last few Saturdays I have been trying to set aside for quiet contemplation and sermon practice. I like to preach through my sermons at least three times before I deliver them. It’s not always possible but I try.

This Saturday however I had to meet with a group of ladies who make shawls for people going through life trials. They are preparing a large quantity of shawls to give to a cancer ward and so I went by to pray with them and over this batch of shawls going out. Then I went grocery shopping.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

It’s funny how my life ebbs and flows between the spiritual and the mundane without missing a beat. I can be praying and preaching one minute and the next I am figuring out what kind of butter to buy. Life is weird like that.

After I finished with the groceries I had coffee with one of my students who is now a minister in CT.

May be an image of Brad Hackett
Rev. Brad Hackett

April 11th– I was elected lead pastor of Cornerstone Church today. It is kind of surreal. This is the church where I became a Christian. It is the church I have served for the large majority of my time as a pastor. Even a year ago I did not think I would ever be taking this step, but here I am!

No photo description available.
Me leading worship

April 12th– Today was writing day. I also had a committal service at the cemetery, a piano lesson a Five Star Man. Around all of that I managed to get my sermon written, my prayer meeting and staff meeting organized, my goal schedule for the week done, some blogging and some work done in my next book.

I haven’t done an update on Pork Chops With the Sentinels Of Azatan in a while because I am in waiting mode. My editor (who is another of my students) just had a baby and so has had to extend our deadline for the completed edits.

No photo description available.
my editor

April 13th– Today was staff meeting day. I have had the lead pastor’s office converted into a meeting room for staff, pastoral meeting and Bible studies. I already have a beautiful office which was redone just over a year ago and the way we are working now I am not in deep need of an office at the church for everyday use. I work from home at least two days a week and I am on the road a lot more than I was before. So using the big office for me seems a poor stewardship indeed. If it weren;t for the fact that I do music lessons and some of my worship rehersals from my current office I could probably switch offices with my daughter and move to her little cubby hole.

April 14th– Today was our Wednesday night Prayer meeting. I love these meetings even if they are currently on line. I look forward to the day we can gather together again. It won’t be long we just have to create the team which will help us carry out the protocols, to keep our people safe as we gather.


April 15th– Today was meeting and visitation day. It started with a voice lesson.

May be an image of 1 person

I don’t teach many students at a time because of time constraints but over the last several years I have contiually taught one or two the craft.

After that Amanda and I had a meeting about what ” Doing Life Together” means for the next generation ministries of our church. “Doing Life Together” is the new model of ministry we are pursuing for our church life.

After meeting with Amanda I took one of our elders to a Drs. appointment and then finished the day in our new meeting room with our church treasurer preparing for our board meeting and our board staff meeting. We spoke about the launch of Five Star Man as our men’s “doinbg Life Together” model and then we spoke about how to build deeper relationship between the board and staff. I really love strategizing!

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