4 thoughts on “Monday Digging Deeper: The Covenant Making God

  1. Wow PJ. If we can just grasp this we’d be totally free – our world-view would completely change. Chad shared something by Gordon Fee – in Christ we are not held in the tyranny of the world- life, death, past, present. We are no longer its slave.
    Like you said Sat. that “there is nothing that can cause us to lose – even losing cannot cause us to lose. Even apparent loss will be turned into a win! Overwhelming victory! The enemy is so completely vanquished he cannot rise again!” He has no hold on us. Wow! What an amazing spiritual consequence to the covenant we made with God when we believed!
    Gordon Fee – “in the form of the cross God has planted His flag on planet earth and marked it off as His possession, hence the world is His”

    And we are Christ’s. Because we believe

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