CFFC: Size Comparison

I haven’t participated in CEE’S FUN FOTO CHALLENGE in a long time. This has been a funny year. I started out with a lot of time to write and as I saw it I was turning a corner into the writing world as a profession….As they say man plans and God laughs.

at the end of January, beginning of February (the world has been such a whirlwind since then it is hard to remember exactly when it all happened) my lead pastor resigned and I began to feel “the mantle of ministry” pass to me. So the last months have been about me shifting into a deeper level of ministry than I have ever maintained before. I am now beginning to figure out once again how to maintain the normal rhythms of life whatever those are.

This week Cee has challenged us to use photography to make size comparisons. I thought this was an appropriate way to explain the size of my feelings about the ministry at this time.

I took this picture about a month ago. Perspective really is everything. The Vicarage looks so large compared to the plane in the sky.

Our Christmas bell here looks larger than the raised garden bed behind it. It isn’t of course but the illusion is at least momentarily effective.

I know this is a little like my life right now. The task at hand sometimes consumes my vision and obscures all the other things God has put in my heart. I know that is the illusion of the moment. God assures me there is room in my life for everything He has promised me. I just have to take one thing at a time and remember that how I see things is not always exactly how things are.

For instance these trees are much smaller than the senior center behind them, but perspective skews my mind’s ability to judge the true size of what lies before me. This is a reminder that the challenges I am facing are in truth smaller than I am making them out to be. There is much good work to be done….but it doesn’t all have to be done today.

I am excited about the future. It is full and IT IS GOING TO BE FUN!


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