2021 At the Vicarage Week #9

The purpose of these posts is to give you a quick glimpse into our lives at the Vicarage.

Feb. 26th– Today we met with Tamie Charbonneau a lady from the church who is going to come and sit with mom while we are at church on Sunday. Tamie is a member of our church and an EMT. I am thankful she has offered to help us.

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After she left I finished writing my sermon for Sunday. I have not actually blogged at all in a few days. Sitting down to do anything more than ministry writing has been out of the question.

When Amanda got home from work my friend Ray and I headed up to Cheshire County Medical Center to pick up our elder friend who was just being discharged today after a week in hospital.

Feb. 27th- Saturday. I don’t think I have mentioned it before but Brenda has been away this week house sitting for one of her supporters. It has been good as Amanda and I are discovering what it is going to be like when Brenda goes back to The Netherlands working our schedules around Mom’s needs. I know it has only been a week, but I sense that perhaps we are not going back to our old normal where mom could get up and around on her own. I am beginning to plan for the long haul here. My friend Ray reminded me just yesterday that I had to be sure (especially if this was a long haul ahead) to give myself time to be a human being not just a human doing.

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Feb. 28th– Today I preached the first sermon in a series called Entering the Promise….


March 1st– I have decided Mondays will be writing days. I have had Carrie (my secretary at Cornerstone) book them in my calendar. I am working on several writing projects this week…sermon for Sunday…. Bible study for Wednesday…. a list of questions for the board, and at last I have gotten back to blogging. Yay!!!

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March 2nd– Staff meeting today. We have been having a conversation about our purpose, mission and vision. Today we spoke about genuine life change.


March 3rd– Today I had an appointment with one of our elders to meet with a nursing agency which is going to help her around the issues of aging.

This evening was our on line prayer….Bible study to discuss the letters to the churches in Revelation. Our subject tonight was the letter to the church in Thyatira.


March 4th- My day in office is such a busy day. It is admin and paperwork and people contacts. Aside from Tuesday staff meeting it is the one day the staff can really grab hold of me in person. The rest of the week I am prepping for sermons Bible studies meetings and doing visitations.

While I met with staff in office today, Brenda was home introducing my mother to Carol Marion who is coming to visit with Mom while we are all away at meetings on Friday night.

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Thanks Carol!

Tonight I met with Paul; Hackett at the Vicarage to go over the results of my DISC personality assessment.

I am and SC.

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2 thoughts on “2021 At the Vicarage Week #9

  1. You are a busy man! I hope you get reminders to be a human being not just a human doing. I have a friend who I am going to send the reminder. She is constantly doing for others and often forgets she is a being, too.

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