2021 At the Vicarage Week #2

Jan. 8th- Today we took ‘Lella home and she got to meet her sister Abigail!

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The Franklin family is once again reunited!!!

James was so excited to have ‘Lella home he met us half way down the stairs. What a great dad he is!

Jan. 9th- ‘Lella no sooner got home than the Vicarage got busy with ministry work. Saturday was a full day of answering e-mails and Facebooks and getting my powerpoint ready for Sunday morning sermon. I will be preaching a message entitled “Manifest the Mission”.

Jan. 10th- Preaching day. I had forgotten how preaching tuckers me out. It’s time for my Pentecostal nap.


Jan. 11th- Today I did a video on what it means to do life together with other people. Then I took my friend Grace to the bank, the grocery store and the pharmacy.

You can find the video and comments HERE.

Jan. 12th- Today Wendy our church receptionist and I went to help Grace again. Today we were working through some stacks of old mail that were causing some consternation in Grace’s life. It’s not hard to do life together. Sometimes it just takes time and a couple of garbage bags.

Save a Tree (or a Forest) By Reducing Your “Junk” Mail |

Later in the afternoon I went to practice music with Patrick a member of our worship team.

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Jan. 13th- It always amazes me how much ministry can dispell an otherwise quiet life. Needs arise and opportunities abound. It is never a question of what to do. More often it is a question of what not to do. Tonight I taught The Wall Prayer meeting. I used the passage from Ephesians Chapter 4: 1-15.

You can find the video HERE

Jan. 14th- Music lessons today and worship theory. I began looking into Green Energy sources today. Had a conversation with a company called Energy something or other. They said our roof is not suitable for panels. I will get a second opinion, but something tells me they are probably right….Maybe we should look at wind power.

Photo by Harry Cunningham @harry.digital on Pexels.com

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