The Imagination Of A Two-Year-Old

We took ‘Lella home today. She was so happy to see her mom and dad and to meet her baby sister Yve.

Having Daniella with us here at The Vicarage has been a great way to start this new year. The last eleven days have forced us all into her rhythm of play and imagination, and while it has been a bit tiring, it has been very good for all of us.

Lisa Johnson, a friend of ours who teaches pre-schoolers reminded us that the lovely thing about children ‘Lella’s age is that it is not hard to entertain them. Give them a card board box and their imagination does the rest.

‘Lella reminded us what it was like to try new things. She reminded us about the wonder of discovery.

And she also taught us that it is OK to leave all the energy out on the playing field and to rest when you are tired.

I think the lessons we have learned will serve us well as we face the blessings and challenges of 2021.

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