On Oz Being Two-Tired

My granddaughter, ‘Lella, calls me Oz. This is Oz’s house.

I guess to a two-year-old it could look like The Emerald City.

‘Lella has been with us all this week and will be with us into next week while her mother and father await the birth of “Lella’s sister, Yve. We are having a blast!

I come to the end of every day feeling accomplished and entirely ready for bed. I think all of us at The Vicarage would say the same. We are not too tired to go on. We have established a very relaxed and manageable rhythm after all. But we are “two-tired” for sure.

The last time I held the energy of a two-year-old for more than an afternoon, I was in my twenties and I weighed eighty pounds less than I do now. If nothing else being two-tired has reaffirmed that I will be losing this weight, because soon I will have two granddaughters to be chasing after!

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