This Day At the Vicarage 11-27-20

Well another Thanksgiving and another birthday has come and gone at the Vicarage. This year my 53rd birthday fell on Thanksgiving day! With pandemic we observed it quietly…just the four of us and the 3 dogs and the cat.

I was up at four as usual and had some time to pray, read and work on the final edits of my book before launching into food prep for the day. I made stuffed french toast and bacon for breakfast. cream cheese and nectarine jam for the ladies and cream cheese and real mince meat for mine. YES REAL MINCE MEAT MADE WITH DEER MEAT!!! YUMMY!!! ( a parishioner made me some for my birthday)

Mom Amanda and Brenda watched the modified Macy’s Day parade while I got dinner ready. Since we were a smaller group this year I cooked a three pound turkey breast and made it into a turkey stew which we served with stuffing, cranberry sauce and baking powder biscuits. I made pumpkin pie and apple turnovers and mincemeat turnovers for dessert and another parishioner dropped off a pumpkin roll for my birthday as well. So there was plenty to eat.

Somewhere along the way on the day before I managed to pull some muscles in my stomach so after lunch I really needed the rest of the day to rest. Fortunately that is what Thanksgiving is really about. It is a day to sit back, rest, take stock and give thanks.

Be blessed as you look forward to the Christmas holiday just around the corner.

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