This Day At the Vicarage 11-23-20

This weekend flew by and was so full I hardly had any time to stop and write. I had my first opportunity to take care of my grand daughter solo this weekend.

Daniella usually comes to our house one a month for an overnight visit. We are getting her and us ready for the day when Mommy (my daughter Melanie) goes into labor.

Generally the lion’s share of the work falls on my daughter Amanda’s shoulders, but as Amanda had to be about some other things this weekend Oz (that is what Daniella calls me) got to do the baby sitting.

We had so much fun! We played piano ( which she loves to do). We read stories. We went to pick up the take out and then we watched Disney movies until it was time for bed time stories and prayers.

I told Daniella the story of , The Giant Thunderbones, which is a story I told my own kids when they were little.

Well there is so much more I could tell, but suffice it to say it was a wonderful and busy weekend… today is all about getting back into the routine.

Photo by Bich Tran on

And everyone knows….I love my routine!

See you tomorrow….PJ

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