This Day At the Vicarage 11-14-20

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The Lord told me at the beginning of the this year that the months of October, November and December would be “months of finishing”. They have been that indeed!

For the last several years I have been working towards a lifestyle of slow. constant intentionality using a scheduling system I felt the Lord had given me. The ability to live that schedule to the fullest has been alluding me until this year. This year, I have given myself permission to change the things that needed to change in order to fulfill this goal and it has worked.

The changes involved:

1. Giving up my salary and learning to live a life of financial faith.

2. Learning to work as a volunteer and ask myself the hard questions about what was really my ministry to do.

3. Realizing that my ministry was about bringing something to the people which could only be formed in prayer and study of The Word.

4. Realizing that it was not other people’s job to understand or even support the call of God on my life.

5. Giving myself permission to do what God was calling me to do and to begin to say “No” to what people expected of me.

6. Realizing that good things were different than God things.

Anyway. learning to practice in this new paradigm has helped me to become far more effective with my schedule.

Here is what has gotten done….

1.Several projects at the Vicarage are done or in process: The roof. The dormers. The dead tree removal. The set up of new gardens.

2. I am literally days away from being finished with my novel.

3. I am meeting my goals for prayer and study, exercise, writing, reading, household work and relationship building on a weekly if not daily basis.

4. I am mostly OK with the fact that I am not meeting everyone else’s expectations fully.

All in all 2020 has been a horrible year of great accomplishments….. Maybe being stuck inside is good for me….I think there is something to that!

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Well, it is time to get few more pages of the novel edited before I have to start supper.


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