Morning Direction From Scripture 9-18-20

Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction
    and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.
They are a garland to grace your head
    and a chain to adorn your neck.

10 My son, if sinful men entice you,
    do not give in to them.
11 If they say, “Come along with us;
    let’s lie in wait for innocent blood,
    let’s ambush some harmless soul;
12 let’s swallow them alive, like the grave,
    and whole, like those who go down to the pit;
13 we will get all sorts of valuable things
    and fill our houses with plunder;
14 cast lots with us;
    we will all share the loot”—
15 my son, do not go along with them,
    do not set foot on their paths;
16 for their feet rush into evil,
    they are swift to shed blood.
17 How useless to spread a net
    where every bird can see it!
18 These men lie in wait for their own blood;
    they ambush only themselves!
19 Such are the paths of all who go after ill-gotten gain;
    it takes away the life of those who get it. Proverbs 1: 8-19

What did your mother and father teach you about life and godliness (even if it was by a bad example)?

2 thoughts on “Morning Direction From Scripture 9-18-20

  1. That I was never going to get anything right, so I’d better dang well have a Savior…(not that they ever spoke of Jesus, the Savior, or saw their need of Him).

    • And yet you saw the truth and embraced the Savior with all you have! It is sad for them but I am glad you have come to this truth and in acknowledging your own poverty of spirit you have put yourself in a position where the Savior is making you spiritually rich!

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