It’s All A Season

I was a reading a post by James Radcliffe today CALLED THE SEAGULLS. Check it out.

His post reminded me of this song.

Life is full of hard seasons. They come. They go. They come again. That is the nature of seasons. That is the consequence of living in a world of continual cycles.

Right now we are in a hard season. It will pass and another season will begin. Here is the thing, every season marks us. Every season changes us. We cannot get away from that fact and there is no going back to what we were after a season no matter how much we want to. We will all be changed by 2020 and that is just the nature of things. We can cry. We can complain. We can rage against the change of seasons, but they will still change and so will we.

Remember dear friends, change has two things intrinsic in its nature: Loss and gain. If we were to speak about it biblically we woulds say… change has two things intrinsic in its nature: crucifixion and resurrection. As earth bound humans we focus too much on the crucifixion. It’s time for that to change. We need to put on some new specs and begin looking for the resurrection power that must come after this season and make no mistake it will come for those who are looking for it.

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