6 thoughts on “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How: Sunday Morning Sermon Cornerstone Church Winchendon 8-2-20

  1. Pastor J, I am so thankful that you shared this. Yesterday I posted about what has been happening in my life and the lives of my family members and this is just a reaffirmation of how amazing our God truly is. I have been in a prayer battle for my son who has had some major injuries over his life – numerous concussions as he was growing up that have now led to severe brain trauma symptoms; electrocution from an airplane seat a year ago that has caused nerve and muscle and tissue damage in his arms (doctors said he should have died from it); and now an abscessed tooth that has the whole side of his face swollen but since he lost his job and has no health insurance, he cannot afford the dental bills to get it taken care of. It has been hard because I want to step in and help, but have felt the Lord leading me to lean into Him and trust Him to deal with it. My faith has never been so strongly tested as it is right now. So thank you.

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