10 thoughts on “QUOTE OF THE DAY 7-31-20

      • Yes, I’ll give you that 🙂 The word in the quote is “complete” (mastery)–that’s where my engine stalled. When I read the verse about God being faithful to “complete” the good work He’s begun in us…I have assumed it means “perfected in Heaven”, not here. Although I’d be totally jazzed if He’d perfect me here–it would make life and relationships so much easier! 🙂

      • Well here or there it will happen and one is just an extension of the other really. It is all just stages of the same life and we are to be always growing and progressing. I have learned to be happy with any forward progress no matter how small and to rejoice in it with all my heart. It is kind of like watching my garden grow. Each new manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit is a reason to rejoice and that fruit is coming!

      • Good words, Bro. I’m deliriously happy whenever I see evidence of growth in myself–but sometimes I get a bit impatient and down on myself. So I really was blessed by your description of the “extension”–one reality to the next. You have a wonderful way of calming my “spiritual stresses” 🙂

      • Your help has been invaluable, as I hadn’t caught the revelation that “here” and “there” are not separate in the spiritual realm–only in the physical. It has definitely reoriented, and lifted me. Thank you again. PS: looks like I’ll be on hiatus for a couple weeks, lest you think I’ve fallen in a ditch 🙂

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