“There are more quarrels smothered by just shutting your mouth, and holding it shut, than by all the wisdom in the world.”
― Henry Ward Beecher

12 thoughts on “PEACE POST-39

  1. Ain’t it the truth! Hoping to catch up on your posts…this weekend maybe. You may have missed my notice that I’m “loving/serving thy neighbor” who broke her leg…thus, blogging has taken a way-back seat.

      • I pray so–the problem is that I have 2 speeds: “all in”, or “nope, not doin’ it”; and habitually, if I believe God has sent me to help someone, I’m so ready, so excited…and inevitably something goes wrong…I’m overbearing or too pushy with my generosity, possibly too controlling, and I have certain expectations…it just turns into a mess, and it happens unconsciously. This is the 2nd go-round with this particular neighbor, and I really need prayer to stay tuned in to the Lord so I can keep some semblance of healthy balance. Years ago God gave me a catchy phrase: “Just this much, and no more”…but I’m just so dang eager to meet the need, ya know?? I end up exhausted and burned out–and wondering why the person really doesn’t want any more of my home-cooked food and desserts, Holy Communion and devotions, and wacky humor (this gal is a believer, but still, I guess I’m a bit overboard with my enthusiastic “sharing”). Sleep would be a good plan tonight–er, this morning, as I see dawn has arrived. Switching topics, I have another question about 2 verses in Romans 11, if you have time and energy to deal with me 🙂

      • Balance is always hard when it comes to helping. I have learned when the load becomes too much for me to back way off and wait to be invited in. I would be glad to hear your questions.

      • I’m glad you understand the balance issue, Brother 🙂 I just called to check on her–and her 10-year-old great-niece is staying with her for the weekend–so I’m mostly off duty, other than bringing more yummy food (I’m thinking cheesecake).

        Okay, the question concerns Romans 11:22 and 29. I may be trying to add apples and oranges–but I got hung up on “If you stop trusting (God) you will also be cut off” (after having been grafted in); and then, “For God’s gifts and call can never be withdrawn”. Am I misreading this as a contradiction? Thanks in advance–have a blessed weekend, Bro 🙂 ❤

      • Wow what a good question and I have an answer but it’s going to be kind of lengthy. So I am going to do it as a Facebook live tomorrow and then put it on my blog notes from the vicarage and then I will re-blog it on Lillle Put. This is a great teaching question to launch off from. I look forward to answering the question.

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