Midnight Meditation 7-17-20

Psalm 123

A song of ascents.

I lift up my eyes to you,
    to you who sit enthroned in heaven.
As the eyes of slaves look to the hand of their master,
    as the eyes of a female slave look to the hand of her mistress,
so our eyes look to the Lord our God,
    till he shows us his mercy.

Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy on us,
    for we have endured no end of contempt.
We have endured no end
    of ridicule from the arrogant,
    of contempt from the proud.

What about a lifestyle of faith draws contempt from others who do not share faith?

2 thoughts on “Midnight Meditation 7-17-20

  1. Perhaps in it they see acknowledgment of God’s sovereignty and authority and they would rather live their lives as if they were under no absolute authority than their own. The word of God they would rather see as just another document rather than God’s inspired revelation containing his law and his gospel.

    • Yes and I think something in the gospel creates jealousy. For people of faith even suffering can be a place of joy but for those with no hope the greatest opulence of Earth and all the freedoms it brings become nothing.

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