GUMSHOE: #Weekly Word Challenge 7-5-20 DOGGED


The word I have chosen for today’s piece of flash fiction is the word…



having or showing tenacity and grim persistence.”success required dogged determination”


  1. 1.follow (someone or their movements) closely and persistently.”photographers seemed to dog her every step”Similar:pursuefollowstalktracktrailshadowhoundplaguebesetbedevilassailbeleaguerblighttroubletormenthaunttail
    • (of a problem) cause continual trouble for.”their finance committee has been dogged by controversy”
  2. 2.INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICANact lazily; fail to try one’s hardest.
  3. 3.grip (something) with a mechanical device.”she has dogged the door shut”


Private investigator Archives | El Dorado Insurance Agency, INC


I sipped my coffee calmly and turned the page of the New York times. I took a deep calming breath and lifted the paper in front of me as if the story I had just turned to was the most interesting thing in my world at the moment.

I crossed my legs and swiveled ever so slightly to the left so that I could get a better view across the top of my paper at the alley across from the cafe. The man who had dogged my steps for half a week was back. I had done my best to lose him three times, but this private dick was better than the last two Kramer had sent to spy me out. Well, so much the worse for him. I had things to do and a message to deliver, a message to a contact whose cover must be protected at all costs.

I folded my paper and looked at my watch as if I was late. I signalled the waiter and paid him directly leaving without the change. I grabbed my coat and left the open air cafe. I pulled my driving gloves out of my pocket and slung my London Fog over my arm as I dashed across the street and down a side alley adjacent to my watcher.

As I expected he followed. I had to admit he was good. He kept what would normally be a very cautious distance for a tail. Anyone less paranoid would have missed him entirely.

I ducked around the corner. It was such a shame to waste such talent.I would have preferred another route, but the man had made his choice.

He was surprised when he turned the corner and met my silenced revolver. I pulled his body into the darkness of a doorway and looked about to make sure I had not been noticed.

The way was clear.

Before I left I turned to the dead man and said, “That is what happens to gum on the bottom of my shoe my friend. Tell the others to stay out of my way.”

2 thoughts on “GUMSHOE: #Weekly Word Challenge 7-5-20 DOGGED

  1. What a great story. It illustrates the meaning of dogged really well – and I loved the closing lines. Thank you so much for joining in our Weekly Word, Joseph.

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