Do you like sugar?

Notes From the Vicarage

Those who follow “Notes” regularly know that Brenda, Amanda and I are living in our ancestral home while caring for our Mother, Nancy (Amanda’s grandmother), who struggles with dementia.

In many ways this disease ( at least the stage we are in) reminds me of raising teen-agers. Mom has gotten very cheeky, and that leads to some very funny conversations.

One of the things we are working on with Mom is her diet. She does not eat very well, partly because of her teeth (the repairs to which are put on hold for the moment due to Covid) and partly because she has a sweet tooth that never quits. the 3P.M.-5P.M. hour is reminiscent of when my kids were teens. They would come in from the day and start snacking, to which this parent would say, “Don’t eat too many snacks. You will ruin your dinner.”

I don’t know if…

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3 thoughts on “Apparently

    • Yes she has been a sugar junky all her life. My cousin is caring for my Aunt, my mother’s sister and has the same issue. The goodies are a requirement for peace really and the problem is of course she does not now remember she has already had whatever she just had and her ability to judge her hunger is not as good as it once was. That said her sugar levels are good and she is not overweight by any stretch of the imagination….just the opposite. I wish she would eat more protein and we try to encourage it but her, she is eighty three and in failing health. I guess she has earned an extra nutty buddy if she wants one. 🙂

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