The Garden Of Requirement

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

This piece of Flash Fiction is written in response to THE FRIDAY FICTIONEERS CHALLENGE. CHECK IT OUT BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE.


By J. Lillie

Jared called it “The Garden of Requirement”, a play off of the Harry Potter books, his favorite reads.

Jenna called it a mess. Jared’s garden was a hodgepodge of broken toilets filled with violets and refrigerators filled with manure and beef steak tomato plants.

He haled it as repurposing. She complained it was just putting other people’s old junk on their lawn, but then the people began to come, just to look at the junk. Jared began to charge a walk-through fee. When Jared bought Jenna her first diamond necklace Jenna began to love the Garden of Requirement.

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