Fear Post-6

We are facing the creation of a new world. All of us know it somewhere deep inside of us. This time of worldwide plague and quarantine has marked us all in different ways, but make no mistake it has marked us. The old normal is not going to return. We are faced with having to create a new normal. This should not scare us. God is in the business of ushering in new when the old falls apart. He did not do this to us. He is with us through it and as we trust Him He will bring us into a new time of strength and blessing. We have a longer road ahead of us. Let’s not freeze in fear in the middle of this unknown path. Let’s walk it together in hope of better days.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

2 thoughts on “Fear Post-6

  1. Lovely post. Just what I needed to read today too. I’m not precisely ‘scared’ of the virus nor impact on me personally (it’s one in a million I’ll even know somebody with it), but I do fail in faith in God to see us all through. It seems we are being punished and thanks for the reminder that God did not do this to us. There is an LDS Hymn “If The Way Be Full of Trial, Weary Not”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvEKxHqr_b0 It’s gotten a lot of play at my house just now.

    • Thank you Melanie. Here in MA we had 5000 new cases last Friday. I have the privilege of singing one of our elder saints to Heaven tomorrow who died with Covid. I just finished a funeral of another brother who had a heart attack. I am reminded daily that sorrow and fear is all around us but the reminders also come daily that I can choose love instead. That helps me to live with a modicum of boldness in the face of fear.

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