Rebuilding From the Table Up.

This post is in response to WITHIN CAVE WALLS #FUN20083 WRITING CHALLENGE.

You can learn the rules of the challenge by clicking the underlined link above.

Below is my chosen prompt for the challenge and my story:


Chasten and Catherine’s favorite date location all through high school was The Lois’ Cafe just outside the drive-in theater. Their table was table three right at the edge of the chained courtyard. From there, they could sip their shared malted as they waited for the previews of the movie to start. It was at that table that Chasten first proposed, and it was at that table that Catherine first told him, “Not yet.”

Chasten and Catherine went off to college. Chasten proposed every year on the anniversary of his first proposal.

Each time Catherine said, “Not yet.”

By the time they graduated The Lois’ had burned down and the drive-in had closed. So, on the sixth anniversary of his first proposal Chasten took Catherine to the overgrown lot where the Lois’ and the drive-in had once been. Now all that was left was table three.

The lovers sat together at the favorite table in the long grass. A pizza and a bottle of wine was the “romantic fare” Chasten had chosen for their dinner. As the couple finished the last piece of the small pie between them, Chasten got down on one knee and presented Catherine with a piece of paper.

Catherine read the first line “Deed of purchase.”

“It’s mine now Cat.” He said gesturing to the panorama around them.

“Ours if you’ll have me.” He finished the annual proposal.

“We’ll rebuild it from the table up!” Catherine said, and she kissed her fiance’

3 thoughts on “Rebuilding From the Table Up.

  1. Great use of the prompt. It was intuitive. That bench is where my dad and I used to sit at a little drive through cafe and eat our lunch. Your story rang true to me. Thank you for joining in.

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