Art For the Month of April Pt. 1

Yesterday was our monthly C.cada ( one of the local artist communities I am involved in) meeting. We met remotely of course by Zoom. It was our first attempt at it and we managed pretty well with the first time tech use. We had a devotion at 9 like usual and an emotion check-in. Then we all went off for four hours to do our work. At 1 P.M. we gathered back together to show everyone what we had done.

I shared a poem I had written entitled, “Moving A Season” . You can check it out by clicking on that link.

My sister shared a drawing she had done along with a short written prose poem. Isaiah Lewiston shared a song he had begun to write. Bella Lewiston shared two paintings she had finished over the last six weeks and another one she started. Betty Knowlton shared some of the bead paintings she had been working on and Ken Knowlton shared two graphic pieces and a photograph he had been working on.

I did not share any of the sketches I had been working on so over the next several posts I will share those.

Here is the first one. It is a cartoon cat creation I was experimenting with.

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