How Truth Sets You Free

This word came to me in prayer this morning. I felt led to share it with you.

God is the holder of our true identities. We can never really know who we are or who we were made to be until we come to Him. Until then we put on half true faces to match the tenor of the world around us. Even when we do come to Him, though, we find that our false selves still cling to us. It is only in the relating to God that those false selves begin to strip away and we come to ourselves. It is for this reason the world, the flesh and the devil work so hard to keep Christians from doing the very things which most deeply connect them to God. You see, in the connecting we become truly ourselves and all the interior spaces we once gave to our false selves is taken up by truth, and as you know the truth will set you free!

2 thoughts on “How Truth Sets You Free

  1. Amen. I totally agree with these words. As you get closer to God He reveals more of you and more of Himself and you cannot help but becoming like Him-the truth. God bless you and have a great New Year.

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