Free Agency Has Killed the Game…

A cautionary tale.

Dan Lewiston

You may have heard that I am quite the baseball fan…

As I was shoveling the driveway this morning, contemplating the new month of January 2020, this thought – “Free Agency Has Killed the Game” – pummeled my thoughts. Let me explain…

Now, Free Agency started effectively on Nov. 4, 1976 in Major League Baseball, I was just over 3 years old. There was absolutely nothing about getting rid of the reserve clause (keeping players to a team, that could go elsewhere and play, even perhaps for more money) that did anything for me or against me on that day, or even now on this day. The simplest understanding, for the average person, it means nothing to the outcome of our lives.

Free Agency, gave the player the right to go wherever they felt like they could go – to get more playing time and more money. A decision that…

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