8 thoughts on “GO AHEAD TELL ME :What’s the foundation?

  1. It’s an interesting question. I think people are infinitely varied, and what works for one relationship, would fail in another. For me, laughter and joy are a big part of what starts a connection, and if they’re lost then the connection will fade. To build on the happiness, there needs to be trust and communication – not knowing everything about a person, but knowing that I can rely on them and we can talk through problems. Hmm, so many other things too…
    You didn’t say what you think, what are your foundations?

    • This actually came out of a conversation with a friend in which we began a discussion about the foundations of relationship being politics and love. We are in the middle of a discussion about whether love and politics can even breathe the same air.

      • Politics isn’t something I associate with love, but I’d find it difficult to love someone with politics I thoughts was very wrong (ie showed a disregard for others). It’s a tricky subject!

      • Indeed it is. I wonder sometimes though if politics and love are not two sides of a relationship coin. Politics being the part where a person leads another in the direction they want to go and love being the part where a person lays down their life for another.

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